Cheap Super Bikes 2 Arcade Game


Condition: Refurbished
Year Released: 2010
Dimensions: 46″ W x 86″ D x 79″ H
Weight: 672 lbs


      Super Bikes Games

Super Bikes Games is now in Hi-Def! With a 42″ LCD, 10 never-before seen tracks, Super Bikes Games all new light show and tons of electrifying effects,  Super Bikes Games blow your mind! Race through Moab as fighter jets attack UFOs, descend into the haunted catacombs of Paris, and dodge giant worms in hyperspace. Escape elephants in the jungles of Thailand, jump through the flaming hoops of Vegas, run with the bulls in Spain and cruise through the unbelievable snow-covered mountaintops of the Himalayas. Choose from 9 riders and 12 bikes with multiple tricked-out upgrades for engines, decals, tires and more! Players can create a unique PIN to save and track their statistics. Super Bikes 2 retains all the exciting components as the original Super Bikes, and is built on a highly reliable system featuring RIO and DELL computers.
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Product Description

Totally Redesigned Compact Cabinet

The best Motorcycle game just got better in an all new instalment with brand new gameplay and amazing HD graphics.

  • All New Redesigned Compact Cabinet
  • 42” LCD Panel for HD graphics
  • Links Up to 8 units for competitive Racing
  • 12 new Motorcycle models, with new Upgrades and characters
  • Customized Bikes with All-New Upgrade Options
  • 11 all new Challenging race courses
  • Player Profile Storage with Keypad Entry

Description of game play:

  • Insert Coin(s)
  • Play solo or select head to head to play competitive with others
  • Select from a wide variety of bikes and tracks
  • Save your stats and bikes through keypad entry pins

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DimensionsW1150 x D2185 x H1994(mm) /W45 1/4 x D86 x H78 1/2(inch)
Smart Card Capability
Container Fittings15 units in 40′ container, 7units in 20′ container


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