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Brand new and better than ever! Mario Kart GP DX The next game in the extremely popular racing series is here with new courses, new game modes, new karts, new features and a rainbow LED lit cabinet featuring a 42 HD monitor. The popular NAM-CAM feature that places the players face over the kart has been updated with Funny Face Frames where player can stretch, squeeze, and transform their faces into many different appearances

Linkable up to four cabinets, the game has three game modes: Grand Prix, Versus, and Co-Op. In Grand Prix mode, players can compete through 40 rounds over five selectable cups. Versus mode offers competitive racing excitement for all players. The new 2-Person Co-Op mode features Fusion Karts. One person drives while the other shoots other competitors.

With over 20 types of karts that can specifically trigger over 90 types of items, the racing possibilities of Mario  are endless and players will be coming back to play again and again.

 Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Features:

– Exclusive to arcades, just like the two previous Mario Kart Arcade entries were

– Play as some of the biggest names in video gaming including Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Pac-Man

– Familiar, intuitive gameplay that is easy for anyone to enjoy

– The colorful graphics pop on the 42″ HD display; powered by Namco’s PC-based ES3 hardware

– Huge number of items are given to players

– Many courses to choose from that keeps players coming back for more

– Control the action using the steering wheel & foot pedals; an action button activates items

– NAM-CAM avatar system let’s players take fun avatar pictures using Nintendo and Namco character overlays.

– Link up to four units for multiplayer fun and bigger earnings

– Ships with a standard coin door+mechanisms; Card Swipe Ready


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