Batman Driving Arcade Game

When players begin a game of Batman, they first get to pick from nine Batmobile variations. These include the Batmobile from the 60’s TV series, the Tim Burton Batman films and the most recent Dark Knight movies. You then get to choose which villain you want to deal with – the ever smiling Joker, the uber-ripped Bane or Mr. Freeze, whose jokes always stay frosty. Complete the different missions, driving through Gotham City and taking out enemy vehicles or weapons platforms. Power-ups such as missiles, Batarangs, or the Battering Ram help make your efforts a little easier as the enemies pile on. You’ll also get the chance to fly the Batwing for certain missions.

Game Features:

Batman Driving Arcade Game · 10 Batmobiles to choose from Every Batmobile ever! · 36 missions (Easy to Hard) plus aerial missions featuring

  • 10 Batmobiles to choose from Every Batmobile ever!
  • 36 missions (Easy to Hard) plus aerial missions featuring The Bat
  • 3 unique, cinematic boss battles
  • Mission-based gameplay encourages continue play
  • 6 awesome power-ups (Jump Jet, Batarang, Cannon, Drone, Missiles, Battering Ram)
  • Player account system keeps track of missions progress/high scores
  • Custom Batman-style steering wheel includes triggers for easy weapon launching
  • Massive glowing Bat emblem towers above the location
  • Eye-catching cabinet that is loaded with flashing LED lights and a giant Batman symbol above the marquee.
  • Easy to handle the controls with the specially shaped Batman steering wheel and a single foot pedal.
  • Includes a Keypad so players can create a local game account to track their progress
  • High score Leaderboards for each mission and difficulty
  • The cutting edge graphics are displayed on a 42” 1080p screen. The game engine that runs at 60 FPS while rendering 100s of dynamic light sources throughout the large city of Gotham.
  • Six levels of play – three are set to Easy difficulty while the other three are set to Hard
  • Link up to two units for multiplayer competition
  • Updates obtained through Raw Thrills are installed using the DVD drive on the game PC (access through the back)
  • The game includes 2 coin slots but is compatible with DBA or card swipe readers.

Arcade Driving Game Dimensions Batman :

94 5/8″H x 43 1/8″W x 69 3/4″D

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