Pinball Machine for Sale in Michigan

Pinball Machines in Michigan

Outfit your game room or lounge with the speedy flicks, flashing lights, and high scores of your very own pinball machine from Pinball Store Online. Nothing beats the exciting rush you get watching a tiny ball fly around the playfield at top speed, pinging every light and racking up the points. “Baffle Ball” was the first successful pinball machine in 1931. Since then, we’ve been mesmerized by pulling that plunger with perfect tension. We carry tons of popular pinball design themes like Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Austin Power, Batman Dark Knight, and Star Wars. Create your own private arcade with this classic arcade game.

New Pinball Machines

We have a fantastic selection of new pinball machines on sale, many of which are on display in our showroom. While pinball manufacture is not as common as it was in the 1970s, new machines are still being produced by manufacturers such as Stern and Highway. Manufacturers have had decades to learn new techniques. This combines with modern technology, means that each new pinball machine is produced with sophistication and quality that older machines can’t match!

Used Pinball machines

For those who want the authentic experience from used pinball machine, we have a great selection of used pinball machines for sale which have been fully reconditioned. Many of these used pinball machines are modern machines that have been used in real arcades, ranging from traditional stand-up machines to driving games with full-size cockpits. Wherever possible we use original parts in machines, though sometimes we repair or even enhance them with modern components; for example, some machines are fitted with LED displays to replace the CRT monitors that were common in the 80s and 90s.

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