Junkyard Pinball Machine for Sale

Williams Junkyard Pinball Machine.

Arcade pinball machine. Game looks excellent and plays great. Features a Crane on playfield, toilet that flushes ball, Magic Bus, doghouse with attack dog. This is a 1-4 player machine with 4 ball multi-ball capability.

Game has just been shopped meaning cleaned, waxed and polished. The game is stripped down to the playfield to do this, so everything gets checked. All electronics completely checked out, diagnostics run, switches and tested for optimal play. New rubbers, lights, flipper bushings and balls. Cabinet is excellent along with the playfield and back glass.

Junk Yard is a pinball machine released in 1996. The game features numerous toys including a crane with a wrecking ball, a toilet that flushes the ball, and a doghouse. The goal it to collect pieces of junk and build various machines. The game also contains numerous modes featured in prior Williams pinball machines.

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