Pinball Store Online: Our warranty and services

Here at Pinball Store Online, we have several items that will help you enjoy the game and how it is played. By checking out some of the machines we have, people can have these machines for themselves and see how fun it is to play it. 

With a simple pull of the lever, players can have a fun time as they test their luck and see how many points they can get in a game. If they’re lucky enough, they may even win some extra balls and get some free rounds that will elevate their overall gameplay. 

The game’s popularity in the United States and several other countries, some people have discover that exerting too much force on the machines can cause some problems. With that, it is important that people learn how to take care of their machines properly or at least know about the warranty terms. 

If you’ve purchased one of our products at Pinball Store Online, here are some facts you would have to know about our warranty terms and our available services: 

Warranty terms

If you’ve bought one of our products, especially one of our machines, keep in mind that we have a warranty for up 2 years, depending on the product you’ve purchased. By having over 300 technicians nationwide, our customers can expect that there is always someone who can assist to their needs whenever they need help with their machines. 

As long as the machines are still covered by warranty, rest assured that they can get your money’s worth by leaving it to us for a few days. Then, we’ll deliver it for free once it’s done. 

Our services 

Aside from assuring the warranty of our products, we also offer several other services that can make pinball players enjoy their machines even more. Here are some services we offer:


If your pinball machines are already worn out from being used too much, we can help clean them. With the right tools and knowledge about the machines, we ensure our users that their machines can be cleaned thoroughly without damaging the system. 


Pinball machines with major or minor issues can somehow be tricky to repair since there are no longer a lot of them on the market. Here at Pinball Store Online, we can fix those machines and have them working like they are brand new.


Some pinball machines are already old, that’s why they may no longer be working. As a pinball store, we can make those machines work once again. More importantly, we can also restore them back to their former condition by redoing their paint and making them functional again. Though this process may take a while, we promise our customers about the quality we can give them. 

These are just some of what we cover for our customers at Pinball Store Online. By keeping these in mind and knowing where to contact us, people can have the best playing experience with their favourite pinball machines! 

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